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Why Lease An Albemarle Honda?
Individuals will find exceptional packages when looking to lease at Albemarle's Tim Marburger Honda. Your local dealer will help you get behind the steering wheel of a new vehicle. Through leasing, you do not have the hassles and stress associated with purchasing a new automobile. Additionally, your contract to lease an Albemarle Honda puts you in the driver's seat traveling down the road throughout the vehicle's first and best time of its operational life. Here are some additional benefits you will derive from leasing a Marburger Honda:
Cash Down Payment - is going to be far less than that what you would need as a down payment for purchase. This is probably one of the best reasons for consumers seeking to get behind the wheel of a new automobile. In many situations, the sales tax leasing a new vehicle can be included in your monthly payment as opposed to having to chalk up a lump sum at lease beginning.
Monthly Payment - is also going to be far less if the finance period is the same as one if you are purchasing the vehicle. The monthly payments are calculated upon the vehicle's depreciation estimate. The payment is lower since you are using only a portion of the vehicle's value as opposed to purchasing the entire value as you would when buying a new vehicle.

Get A New Vehicle More Often- everybody typically has changing tastes and preferences. Leasing makes it more effectively easy to drive a newer model more frequently than if you were to purchase an automobile outright. Your need for either a larger or a smaller vehicle may change every so often making the lease option an easier way to plan for your transportation needs.
Future Value - no worries about future sales value. If the leased car happens to depreciate more than it's estimated residual value, when the lease contract comes to term, you simply turn it in at the end of the lease term. However, if the value is much more, you have the option to purchase it or even resell it.

Check with your local dealer for additional advantages ofleasing in Albemarle - that's us Tim Marburger Honda!

Tim Marburger Honda

"Why You Should Lease a Honda"

Why You Should Lease a Honda :
Leasing A Honda is a very smart decision considering the following facts. When you lease a Honda , you pay only a portion of the vehicle's cost. Since you are only paying for the Honda while you lease it, payments are 30% - 60% less. In most cases you have the option of not making a down payment, and you only pay taxes on your monthly payments. Your first payment will be due at the time you sign your contract. 
A Honda Lease payment is made up of two parts; the finance charge and the depreciation charge. The finance charge is the interest on the money the Honda dealership has tied up in your New Honda while you are driving it. You repay part of the money in your monthly payments, and repay the remainder when you either buy or return the vehicle when the lease term ends. 
If you want to drive a new Honda at the best possible payment, leasing is the way to go.
So remember three reasons to lease your next Honda.
One- Lower Payment
Two- Little or no downpayment
Three- Easy Turnover
Why You Should Lease a Honda

"47.9% -- that's the average projected retained value after five years for a *Honda."

It is safe to say that when you buy a new car you would like for it to last a long time. The more years you can get out of your car, the better. Honda took the top prize in this category! Edmunds.com second annual  retained value award goes to Honda.

How is this category measured? Cars are judged on the highest projected residual value after five years  expressed as a percentage of their market value when sold new.

Honda takes home the 2012 award for non-luxury makes for the second consecutive year. Acura won in the luxury brand category for the first time.

Honda Has Staying Power!
Albermarle Honda

"We like being in the car business! "

Thank you for making it possible for us to come to work each day and do what we love. The employees here at Tim Marburger enjoy meeting people and figuring out the best way to help them with a new or used car.

We are driven to get the best deal, the highest quality, meet the price range for you, and help make you happy both now and in the future.

If you are thinking about a new or used car, or know someone who is interested, come see us! We really do like what we do!  Finding great deals on great cars for great people. It is as simple as that.

Take a look around our newsletter this month for good news, car details, and community happenings.

Stanly County, Montgomery, Rowan, Cabarrus, Union, Anson, Mecklenburg

"Your  Honda Dealership for Life"  means that once you've done business with your neighbors here at Tim Marburger Honda, you will know what hometown service is all about.

We really do go the extra mile in sales and service. Come see our selection. Or call 888-329-4703 and tell us what you are looking for.

We will help you connect with the right car at the right price. Depend on us.

Happy Fall,
Brian Dixon

"Blood Drive"

Community Blood Center of the Carolina's is having its Annual Tim Marburger Honda Community Blood Drive -Pints for Patriots!

Join us, Thursday June 28, 2012 from 11:00 am till 2:00pm at Tim Marburger Honda "Community Bloodmobile" in Albemarle, NC.

Everyone donating on June 28, receives a FREE Kannapolis Intimidator's Baseball Ticket.

Also, for every donation in the months of June and July, CBCC will make a contribution to support our military members and their families for their service and dedication.

Appointments are suggested and can be made by contacting Justin Myrick at 704-983-4107.

"Every Drop Stays Here.  Saving Local Lives."
June 2012, Tim Marburger Honda

"How to Wash a Car"

Good Old Fashioned Car Wash
Do You Wash Your Car at Home?...Must See Tips-

Car wash Q and A.

Is it better to wash my car often?

Yes, but as easy as washing your car at home

may seem there are a few precautions to take

so that you can avoid accidental scratches or finish


Did you know?...

Do not wait for build up of road sludge to accumulate before washing.

Things like dead bugs and birds droppings leach acids that literally strip away

and can ruin the paint.

Be sure to wash  off bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap as soon as possible.

Otherwise a weekly carwash should be fine to keep your car's finish in tip top condition.

What kind of products should I use to wash my car?

Mild detergent solutions sold in automotive shops are best.

Warning- Products under your kitchen sink or dishwashing liquid can be too harsh. Go ahead and spend a little money on a good carwash solution to preserve
the finish and protect your investment.

Apply using a natural sponge or lambswool cloth.

A stronger product specific to the lower side of the car may be required to removeroad tar, grease, and rubber. Use a nonabrasive cloth to wash away these damaging elements.

Cleaning wheels and tires is a whole new topic.

You might need a dedicated cleaning product for wheels. Be sure to check for compatibility on your particular wheel covers.

Extra Care -

Don't wash a hot car. The temperature will increase the chance for spots and soap deposits.

Don't move the sponge in circles. This can cause swirl scratches.

Rinse well.
Tim Marburger Honda Tips

"Best Color for Your Honda?"

What is the Safest Car Color?

The National Safety Council has something to say about the color car you drive.

What's your guess?

Red, blue, silver, two tone? How about a NASCAR with logos from hood to trunk?

The NSC sums it up in one sentence-

the safest car color is "one that is highly visible in the widest range of lighting, weather, and vision conditions."

Hummm. So what they are saying is...it depends?

Some studies support the idea that lighter color cars are safer than darker.

One series of tests done at the University of California concluded that drivers react to blue and yellow cars in a certain way becasue they seem

closer. But gray cars seem further away.

Color Affects Behavior

Red causes more aggression. ( Depending on the sports team- Ha Ha!)

Some colors attract more attention-

White- is noticed more at 86% compared to others.

Black, blue, and dark red were noticed as low as 4%.

A study in New Zealand related car color to accident injury.

Brown cars had the most injured drivers. Black and green also showed higher risk of injury in accidents.

Silver cars had the lowest risk. They were half as likely to be involved in an accident that lead to injury than darker cars.

Oh, Well-

In the end-- there is no conclusive proof that there is ONE safest color.

It's all about the situation-

Factors such as night, day, weather incluiding fog, rain, snow, and bright sunlight are big factors. It is thught that yellow is best in these

Stanly County Albemarle Honda

"Honda on the Edge of Charlotte"

Are you tired of promises that don't get delivered? Too much of that gives you a cynical attitude doesn't it? Of course challenges pop up from time to time for us all but in the overall scheme of things, when you make a promise, you really need to do everything you can to keep it.

We do business that way everyday. We are your neighbors and we truly appreciate being in a position to serve you with what we think is the best car on the road today. Honda quality speaks for itself. Time after time we talk to owners who have racked up over 300 thousand miles on their Hondas and are still counting!

So we KNOW we stand behind a great product. The only thing left is for us to deliver our end of the bargain. What exactly is that ? It all comes down to doing everything in our power to help you get what you want, when you want it, at a price that you think is reasonable.

We enjoy being in the automotive business and we like making customers happy. Some folks are lifeguards at the beach, others are politicians, other people are teachers, and  some are builders. We are car people. We read about cars, work on them, drive them with a critical eye, talk about them, watch video presentations about them, and dream about them at night.

So we really do want you to have the best car buying experience possible and that means we strive each day to be the kind of people you would be proud to know.

Whether you drive your Honda in Albemarle, Stanly County, Montgomery, Cabarrus, Rowan, or Mecklenburg County, from Charlotte to Locust, North Carolina, we appreciate you.

When we measure up to all these standards, then we will live up to the one phrase that is the reason we come to work-- To be your Dealership for Life.

Thanks for your interest in Tim Marburger Honda Cars.com

Aug 1 2012, Charlotte Albemarle NC Tim Marburger Honda

"Happy Fall!"

Happy Fall!

Do any these names ring a bell?

Red Cross, New London, Norwood ,Oakboro, Richfield Stanfield, Misenheimer, Oakboro, Aquadale, Cottonville, Endy, Finger, Frog Pond, Millingport, Palestine, Palmerville, Plyler, Porter, Tuckertown, Lambert, and Big Lick .

They are all our neighbors. Interesting names for a great place to live and work.

Did we leave out your community ? Let us know, we'll include you in the next newsletter.

It's time for...

Football, cooler weather, and outdoors.

This is a great time of year and we always look forward to hearing about your favorite things .

Whether it's football games, getting outside for fishing, and family fun, traveling or just grilling in the backyard. Let us know what you are up to.

Check out our website for Honda specials and features.

Read about the new 2013's in this newsletter, and be sure to see our quick rundown on how to wash a car at home.
It's simple but effective.

Have a great month!
Honda Stanly County

"Your Used Car- We're Buying!"

Got A Used Vehicle And Want To Make Some Money?

The market is right for excellent prices on used vehicles. As you know, we take pride in our cars, we have a Honda pre-owned certified program to insure we only sell excellent cars, and we are in the market for pre owned cars.

If you are considering a trade-in or selling your car outright, come talk with us or call 888-329-4703.

We can talk about the best price for your used vehicle and we will be happy to show you our selection of new Honda's as well as our inventory of preowned.

It might be time for a change with a new car, truck or SUV and ride in style.

This way we can serve the area with the best Honda's.
Albemarle NC Honda


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